6 year old orders four pound of cookies with Amazon Alexa

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This week, Brooke Neitzel a Sergent from Dallas, Texas had his child order $ 160 worth cookies with Dot Eco. A child six years of age will not be a wise purchasing power. He loves cookies said Brooke. Brooke had recently bought Alexa from Amazon. After introducing Alexa to his family, it was a daily ritual for his kids to play around with it. His six year old son one day was just playing around, not knowing Alexa can take things a bit far. Alexa always respond to his name, had to hear.

“I want a doll for my birthday and a lot of cookies” He said. As no one knew in the house this had taken a place. Alexa simply replies with few results of the search and asks if he wants the cookies. The six year old said yes not knowing what he was doing. The order is very easy and dumb. It is activated by their name and voice recognition is not perfect security. After 2 days a giant box arrived at their door step. Brooke surprised took the delivery. After opening it he found there was a dollhouse & about four pound of cookies.

There is a way to prevent this happening with your family. Simply open your Alexa App and setup a confirmation code. This will ask for you to confirm your credit card. You can also turn off voice ordering.

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