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Top 3 Habits That Separate The Rich And The Wealthy

Yellow Bentley lifestyle

Let’s get it straight Being rich and being wealthy are not the same thing. Sure, being rich might mean that you have some sense of financial security but it also might mean that you are engaged in a daily, if not hourly battle to retain it. Your struggle might involve a great deal of effort and you might be living with a great deal of uncertainty about the future despite your position of relative financial advantage. Wealthy people do not…

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10 Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs to Get Better Lifestyle

Must Read Books for Entreprenuers that make a difference

Self development is a must when growing your business.  The problem I ran into was I didn’t always know what books to read.  So I’ve given you 10 books for entrepreneurs that I really liked to get you started or to keep you going if you’re an avid reader. I guess that is a lie!  I’m not an avid reader.  In fact, I’m a very slow reader and don’t really enjoy reading.  But that doesn’t stop me from enjoying many…

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Top 11 Richest Families In America

11 Richest Families in America

No. 11: Newhouse family Estimated net worth: $18.5 billion Sam Newhouse family forms are pre-printed in 1922, but his two sons grew the media. Three family members can share their own destiny.   No. 10: Duncan family Estimated net worth: $21.5 billion Dan Duncan products in late 1968. Today, the company’s cooperation, the company’s oil and gas pipelines have established four children to support.   No. 9: Hearst family Estimated net worth: $28 billion Was established in 1887, William Randolph…

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